#1 Bakkie Hire

Select from open or closed Bakkie Rentals. All prices include a 85% damage waiver.

Hyundai H100 / JAC X200 (Open Van)

Hyundai H100 / JAC X200 (Closed Van)

Mahindra S4 (Open Bakkie)

Mahindra S4 (Closed Van)

Suzuki Super Carry (Open Bakkie)

Hiring a bakkie is made simple and affordable when you work with The Yellow Rental Company. We stock a selection of well-maintained, exceptionally affordable bakkies for you to rent and with 14 branches spread out across South Africa. Our bakkie hire services has become one that is readily accessible to those who need it.

Our bakkie rentals are designed to keep you moving forward, whether you are a small business or a bustling large enterprise. We also have a selection of trailers for hire.

When you find that the ordinary car is not up to the task of transporting what you need moved, or if enlisting a transport company is simply not financially viable or suitable, bakkie hire is the perfect choice for you. We also have vans for hire.

Hiring a vehicle to suit the job at hand is really an investment in your company. Opting to hire instead of buying comes with its own benefits and when you know that this option is readily available to you, you will find that it certainly takes off some of your logistical stress.

Our wide network of branches, spread out across South Africa, means you won’t be looking around for too long before you find the perfect match for your requirements.

Our branches can be found in all major South African cities including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, and Durban.

Why should you rent a bakkie?

Bakkie rental is, for many companies, the go-to solution. For the short term, hiring is both affordable and practical, while arrangements can be made for those who need a longer term solution to transport problems.

Hiring is immensely flexible and can be customised according to your specific needs, making it easier for you to plan for when you will be needing the hire, and it will also allow you to better organise your budget.


Aside from the money aspect of hiring, these are the other reasons why it is simply the better option:


It allows you to increase the size of your fleet

Some companies require more than one form of transport. Instead of paying out the extra capital and buying a vehicle that you will have to keep maintained, there are many options that allow a company to rent a bakkie for longer periods and in doing so, increase the size of the company fleet.

This method is cost-effective than buying, especially if you are not going to be using the vehicle on a day to day basis, and it is also going to mean you don’t have to worry about insurance and maintenance costs as you expand the number of vehicles at your disposal.

It allows you to easily transport things

It is not only companies who find renting a bakkie is beneficial. If you are moving house or office furniture, one of the more affordable options you have at your disposal is hiring the vehicle you need. When compared to the other moving options out there, this is going to save you money and it is also going to give you more control over the moving process and how you’d like to handle it.

It is ideal for holidays

If you are heading off on holiday, and need to have a vehicle that can carry all of your luggage, renting a bakkie is quite the perfect option. To ensure that things go according to plan and that your holiday goes off without a hitch, you can rent the appropriate vehicle for your trip.

It enables you to transport equipment

This is an especially beneficial thing when it comes to bands and the need to move around music equipment. There is no point in buying a vehicle when you could simply hire one that will get you and your equipment safely from A to B. You will be able to select the vehicle that is most appropriate for your needs and only pay for the time you need it.

How to hire a bakkie from us

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to hire one of our vehicles. This means you can quickly have your admin sorted out and be on your way with your bakkie rental, minimising the amount of time wasted on paperwork.

To start with, you can head over to our contact form and fill in your details.

We will need a copy of a few of your documents, to complete your rental agreement, so make sure that you are able to supply us with a valid driver’s license, your proof of residence, a deposit on your preferred vehicle, and you will have to let us know how you will be paying. If you are paying via credit or debit card, we will need the relevant details.

Another way you can hire a bakkie or trailer, is by requesting a quote and then having a chat with one of our consultants who will be able to answer all of your questions.


100km's per day free.
Additional km's charged at R 3.00 per km.
R6 000 refundable deposit required.

85% Damage Waiver Included:

Damage waiver included in all prices. You will always only be liable for 15% of possible damages. This excludes theft. We don't offer 3rd party insurance.


Vehicle received with full tank fuel and must be returned with full tank fuel. Driver's license | Proof of residence | Deposit required | Credit Card payment in own name | No cash