#1 Trailer Rentals

Select from a wide variety of trailers for hire. All prices include a 85% damage waiver. Trailers going one-way (Pick up & drop off at different locations) is extremely limited and pricing subject to change according to demand.

1/2 Ton Trailer

3/4 Ton Trailer

1 Ton Trailer Mesh

2 Ton Trailer Mesh (4m)

2 Ton Trailer Mesh (6m)

2 Ton Livestock Trailer

Bike / Quad Trailer

Horse Box Trailer

1 Ton Car Trailers

2 Ton Car Trailers

Rubble Trailer

Strap Rentals

Trolley, Adaptor & Cover

Flatdeck Trailer

Luggage Trailer

Mini-load Trailer

Closed Trailers

Service, Repairs & Part Sales

85% Damage Waiver Included:

Damage waiver included in all prices. You will always only be liable for 15% of possible damages. This excludes theft. We don't offer 3rd party insurance.

Tow Vehicle Requirements:

Cars or LDV's with a minimum engine size of 1.5l up to large LDV's or 4 x 4's.

Documents required for rental:

Driver's license | Proof of residence | Deposit required | Card payment in own name | No cash

Hiring a trailer is a short term solution for any travel storage problem. Trailers are easy to hire and easy to use, even more so if you have some experience and know what you are doing.

At The Yellow Rental Company, we prioritise trailer rentals while also offering bakkie rentals and van hiring services.

Our trailers are of the highest quality and we work hard to make sure that the trailers we hire out are kept well-maintained and ready to go. We are in the business of keeping our clients on the move, whether that means hiring out a vehicle or a trailer to transport whatever it is that our clients are moving.

Trailer hire is the perfect option for both big and small companies, as well as the individual. With a variety of options available, all at affordable prices, you don’t have to stretch your budget to accommodate this necessity.

When hiring a trailer for work purposes, you will be making an investment in your business as hiring has many benefits. And since this option is quite readily available to you, one quick call or online enquiry can take the stress out of organising your hire.

The Yellow Rental Company has branches spread out across the country, giving more people access to our exceptional products. And since we have a wide collection of trailers for hire, you won’t have to look around for too long before you find the trailer that matches your needs.


Currently, we offer trailers for hire in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Why is hiring a trailer better than buying one?

For many companies, and individuals alike, hiring a trailer is better than buying one simply because it is the more cost-effective option. For those who don’t need a trailer for every day or even every week use, hiring is the preferred option. And for those who need a long term solution, hiring can also have its pricing benefits.

Trailer hiring is also a more flexible option when compared to making that pricey down payment on a new trailer, and your hire can be customised according to your needs.

Customised hiring contracts for specific trailers can make it easy for budgets and calendars to be planned.

Apart from saving money, these are the other reasons why hiring is better than buying.

You have access to more than one trailer

If today you need a small closed trailer, but tomorrow your needs change and you find that a bigger, open trailer is more suitable, when hiring, you will be able to access all kinds of trailers. If you compare this to buying a trailer, which naturally means you will only have the one type, you will find that hiring is more flexible.

You have a custom contract

Trailers can be rented as they are needed. If you only need the trailer for a day then you will only need to pay for a day, while if you need it for a longer period of time, you can extend your contract. This will give you more control over your budget.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance

Buying a trailer means paying out for more than just the initial payment. You will also be paying out, ever so often for the maintenance of the trailer. You will also be periodically without your trailer as you do maintenance and/or pay for someone else to do it for you.

By hiring your trailer, maintenance will no longer be your concern. Instead, you can be rest assured knowing that the trailer has been maintained on your behalf, before you hire it.

You will have access to the most modern trailers

Much like the flexibility benefit, with this benefit you will always be hiring one of the most modern trailers the market has to offer. This is beneficial because as trailers are manufactured, certain features evolve. This makes them easier to tow, more stable, and perhaps even have more carrying capacity.

How to hire one of our trailers

To make hiring a trailer quick and easy, we have minimised the paper work and maximised the processing time, to ensure that you are quickly sorted out and ready to tow.

The easiest way to hire a trailer is to complete our contact form, which can be found on our website. You will need to supply us with a copy of your driver’s license (please make sure that you are in possession of a license that will give you legal permission to tow a trailer), proof of residence, a deposit on the trailer you require, and your method of payment, particularly if you will be paying via debit or credit card.

You can also give us a call, and have one of our consultants assist you with the rental.