#1 Van Hire

Select from open or closed Van Rentals. All prices include a 85% damage waiver.

Bakkie rentals

Hyundai H100 / JAC X200 (Open Van)

closed van rentals

Hyundai H100 / JAC X200 (Closed Van)


100km's per day free.
Additional km's charged at R 3.00 per km.
R6 000 refundable deposit required.

85% Damage Waiver Included:

Damage waiver included in all prices. You will always only be liable for 15% of possible damages. This excludes theft. We don't offer 3rd party insurance.


Vehicle received with full tank fuel and must be returned with full tank fuel. Driver's license | Proof of residence | Deposit required | Credit Card payment in own name | No cash

Transporting your things from A to B has never been this easy

Van hire in South Africa is one of the most commonly sought-after methods for transporting goods and it is especially useful for those who don’t have the need for a permanent vehicle but occasionally have to move heavy items that just won’t fit neatly in a trailer.

The Yellow Rental Company has been at the forefront of reliable and affordable van rentals in South Africa for a number of years, and with 12 branches across the country, our services are easy to use and accessible to all who need it. You can also rent a bakkie or book a trailer with us.

With our extensive network of nationwide branches, organising your hire can be a lot quicker and easier than you’d imagine. Once the ball is rolling, you can be rest assured that much stress will be taken off of your shoulders. Our expert team has all of the knowledge and tools needed to guide you through the booking process when you hire a van.

Our van hire is designed to suit the needs of both businesses and individuals who require it, and whether you are looking for a short term or long term solution, we can assist you in finding the best option for your unique needs.

Van hire is generally something that growing companies seek out, especially when they don’t yet need to have a van full time. Even if the hiring is a long term arrangement, it should be seen as an investment rather than a monthly expense that ends up eating your budget. Not only are you getting access to a superb moving tool but you also never have to worry about paying out any extras.

Currently, we have branches from which you can hire a van in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.

Your van hire can be organised from one of our branches or it can be done electronically via our website or over the phone. We will assist you in finding the best prices and we can help you find the ideal van for your unique needs.


Not convinced that van hire is what you need?

The many options out there, for those who are looking for a way to move around their furniture, products, holiday luggage or anything else that needs moving, can make selecting the ideal option for your specific hiring needs a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

The options at your disposal can also make you over think things, and end up paying out more than you’d necessarily need to, or perhaps end up with something that does not necessarily suit your needs.

If you happen to still be on the fence about what it is that you need, if your budget will match with the hire you are considering, or perhaps if you are looking for something a little more customised to your needs, these are just a handful of the reasons why van hire could be suitable for you.


Price matters, especially when you are thinking about using van hire as a long term strategy for moving your items around. Not only is once-off hiring an affordable option, but when hiring from a company like ours, we can work out a solution that will suit you.

When it comes to price, there are other ways that you can save. Hiring means you will never have to worry about the ongoing maintenance that the van will need, or other expenses that might be incurred when or if the van should unexpectedly break down or have other issues.

Increase the Fleet

For those companies just starting out, buying a massive fleet right from the get go is not always financially possible. Hiring becomes the next best option for companies faced with this predicament. Van hire can be organised in a variety of different ways, some of which include long term options that end up working out a lot cheaper than buying.

Van hire allows the fleet to be increased without the hassle of having to worry about maintenance or other costs which are involved with owning the vehicles.

Increasing your fleet is also going to give you the opportunity to shake things up a bit, by occasionally hiring a different kind of van, until you have found the ones that best suit your needs. This also helps in future, when you perhaps want to buy a van.

Easy to use

Not only is organising a van rental easy, but the vans themselves are generally easy to pack and easy to drive. The option of hiring is ideal for novices as well as those who are well experienced in using this option. Vans are designed to contain quite a lot of heavy things, and they don’t come with the many risks associated with trailer hire. Van hire will also require less skills and experience when compared to trailer hire.

With a hired van, you will be given the freedom to move at your own pace and basically have full control over how you use your van.

How to hire your van from The Yellow Rental Company

To ensure that our clients enjoy the very best service and are quickly sorted out with the hire that they need, we’ve created our hiring process to be as quick and painless as possible. With a few clicks or calls, and the exchange of the necessary documents, we will have you on your way.

The best place to start the hiring process will be to fill out our contact form. Once you’ve done that, we will need your documents, which include a complete rental agreement, proof of residence, a deposit on the rental van you are eyeing, and then we will need to know how you intend to pay for your van. Should you be paying with a debit or credit card, we will need the details.

Your other option, if you’d like to talk to a consultant, is to give us a call. One of our consultants will give you all the information you require and together you can formalise your rental agreement, the documents and payment.